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500,000+ shakes sold globally

Inspired by the dedicated parents, hardworking coaches and thousands of youth athletes we've met on the journey.

Founded by a frustrated Sports Scientist, and his ever-growing team of nutrition professionals.

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Perfect before play!

Our bars are 100% natural, nut and gluten free.

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Approved by registered dietitians & nutritionists

What the professionals say:

“Good nutrition is pivotal for overall health and well-being. I have worked with many active children who struggle to eat substantial meals in and around playing games, whether this be due to lack of time or pre-performance nerves. This is where young active kids can benefit from the use the YSN range. Perfect for any athlete looking for a convenient food source to consume in and around their busy schedules!”

Ellen Turnbull. MSc., SENr. Nutritionist at the NHS

“Good nutrition after play is vital to performance, recovery & health. As a nutritionist, real food is first choice. But when that isn’t possible, I can be confident that athletes are refuelling their bodies right with a NUTRI-TEEN shake.

It’s simply powdered food with added vitamins & minerals, meaning they’re getting exactly what they need in a quick & convenient way that’s easy on the stomach too!”

Emmy Campbell. SENr., ANutr Performance nutritionist at Everton FC

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"As a fussy eater, I absolutely LOVE the YSN range! It keeps me healthy, full and ensures I get all the right nutrients in each day!"

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