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Our Story

This is us after pitching on Dragons Den 🐉 ⬇️

Hey there & welcome to YSN! 👋

Meet Lou & Ben - The Brains Behind YSN

Like many of the passionate parents and dedicated coaches we meet, we know life can get pretty hectic. Ideal world? It’s all fun games, laughs, and goals at home. But let's be real, it often looks more like rush / coach / cheer / crash.

Navigating the world of kids’ nutrition can be a challenge—it requires time, knowledge, and not to mention, quite a bit of cash. You might try to plan out healthy meals, but let’s face it, sometimes you’re just a few minutes away from a game or practice and the options narrow down to a drive-thru or whatever’s handy in a vending machine.

That’s exactly what we noticed while working as Sports Scientists at a Premier League football club. Seeing young athletes often missing out on their nutritional needs sparked an idea. Why not create a quick, healthy option that’s as easy as grabbing a snack bar but way better for you? (Seriously, try balancing a smoothie, cleaning football boots, and a carpool schedule!).

The options available were less than ideal. Uninspiring vending machine snacks? No thanks. Parents craved something nutritious, convenient, and yes, something that actually tastes good.

Why can't there be a nutritious, convenient option that tastes great and most important of all, healthy.

Healthy Nutrition Shakes for Children

So, Why Not Something Better?

Driven by the belief that active kids need better fuel to feel fantastic, we rolled up our sleeves. After loads of brainstorming (and even more meal shakes), YSN was born in 2018. We’ve crafted a line of products specifically designed for the energy and nutrition needs of active children. And hey, they’re delicious too—because what’s the point if no one wants to eat it, right?

Since then, over 1 million shakes have found their way into sports bags and lunch boxes around the world. And we’re just getting started.

 We’re all about the balance—fueling young champions while still letting kids be kids. At YSN, it’s not just about shakes and snacks. We’re a community. We run a food-first blog, develop meal-prep apps, and offer one-on-one nutrition coaching. Our workshops? They’re making the rounds in clubs worldwide.


And yes, we’ve heard every kind of feedback imaginable—from raving reviews to ‘constructive’ flavor critiques (we’re looking at you, vanilla!). We take it all because we’re here to grow, adapt, and serve better.


So dive in, try our products, and join the YSN family. We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!


Thanks for trusting us with your little champs.


Lou & Ben 😄

Our mission

Encouraging children to live a healthier, happier life through the power of nutrition

Lou Antonio Matera Founder and CEO Youth Sport Nutrition

Founder Interview

How and why we developed the YSN range

We listened to parents

We believe in a food first approach, but we understand that this may not always possible due to four main barriers:


Parents sometimes lack knowledge on what the best foods are for their active kids


Young people are notorious for being very fussy eaters, leading to deficiencies


Parents sometimes struggle to shop, buy, prepare, cook or transport wholefoods on the go


Eating the right food all the time can be expensive, especially if you find one or all of the above a struggle

How it started:

The first batch of NUTRI-TEEN Shakes (initially called PRO-TEEN), run from our founders spare room in 2017 after 2 years in R&D.

How it's going:

With over 1.2million servings sold globally, YSN are now the global leader in active children's nutrition.

💚 Kids fussy eaters? Use our 100% happiness guarantee* if the first flavour you try isn't right


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