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1-1 Nutrition coaching

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Personalised Sports Nutrition Support

Parents can now book in 1-1 sessions with a YSN registered Nutritionist where we can provide your child with a bespoke nutrition plan tailored specific to their sport and needs.


Nutrition consultations sessions are designed to:

✓ Improve performance

✓ Maximise training adaptations

✓ Improve recovery

✓ Reduce the risk of injury and illness

✓ Help with day-to-day food choices

✓ Take your kids sport to the next level and give them an edge over competitors

It's as easy as 1,2,3.

How does it work?

1. Athletes and their parents will work closely with our performance nutritionist to comprehensively assess their diet, goals, training and lifestyle.

2. They will then be offered an individualised meal plan and educational resources designed to optimise training, competition, performance and recovery as well ensuring optimal growth, development health.

3. Their plan will cover all aspects of nutrition from everyday basics through to game and training specific fuelling, and hydration.

Step 1

Speak to a registered nutritionist

This 1-2-1 consultation is designed to get to know you and your kids individual needs so that we can optimise their nutrition to match training demands and maximise performance.

We will use this time to get an in depth understanding of their training schedule performance goals, lifestyle and current dietary patterns.

We'll also answer any common questions or problems that you have.

Step 2

Dietary assessment

We can provide comprehensive dietary analysis and feedback in the form of a individual dietary plan. Alongside goals and training schedules, this information will then be used to formulate bespoke meal plans, including appropriate timings for training and rest day routines.

Step 3

Take-home Resources

You'll be provided with a resource package which will provide information on the fundamentals of nutrition which underpin performance and provide you with the tools to implement and optimise your kids nutritional strategies going forward.

This will include:

✓ Individual goal setting to improve health and performance

✓ In depth food diary analysis and feedback

✓ Personalised weekly meal plan tailored to training demands and athlete goals

✓ Nutrition education downloads to ensure athletes know how to fuel for their sport & health

What parents say:

The YSN coach was very assuring, answered all my questions on nutrition and supplements, and sent me links to read further. I would recommend this service to everyone who wants to find out more about sports nutrition for their children.


Great 1 to 1 with YSN.

Very informative - my daughter is looking forward to testing out the tips!


You're in safe hands

Delivered by industry professionals

All of our 1-1 nutrition programmes are delivered by registered SENr. Sports Nutritionists.

All packages will include email or instant messaging support for 28-days following athletes receiving their plans.

Our practitioners

Ellen Turnbull

Ellen is a SENr nutritionist who has worked with a variety of high performing athletes, specialising in team sports. She is experienced in the provision of bespoke nutrition support for athletes looking to enhance their performance and fulfil their potential, whether that be through group workshops or 1-2-1 support.