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A note from our founder

We listened to PARENTS

Youth Sport Nutrition believe in a food first approach for youth athletes, but we understand that this may not always possible. Below are the four main barriers that parents and youth athletes struggle with:

Education - Lack of knowledge on why, what and when to eat.

Taste - Young people can be very fussy eaters.

Time - As a parent there is no goal nobler than helping your child chase their dream, but bills still need to be paid, and between school runs and training commutes, time is always at a premium.

Money - Eating the right food all the time can be expensive, especially if you find one or all of the above a struggle.

Changing perceptions

Historically, sports supplements have been wrongly associated with big muscles, weight loss or containing harmful substances. In reality, powdered supplements are just food, designed for convenience. Contrary to popular belief, they won't make anyone bigger, faster or stronger.

Supplements are always secondary to whole foods, but they aren't magic formulas. They simply contain all nutrients in one place, for added convenience. PRO-TEEN is also independently verified by Informed Sport, for maximum banned substance assurance for parents and athletes.

Parent rated excellent on TrustPilot, PRO-TEEN is something we're incredibly proud of, and it is making such a difference to our future sports stars.

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