Meal shakes
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Tried, tested and loved by parents worlwide. Try our child friendly meal shakes below and get a free shaker with your first order.

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The origional delicious food powder milkshake designed for active children. Containing:

✔️ Additonal BCAAS

✔️ L-Glutamine

✔️ Whey and pea isolate protein

✔️ Nutrtionally complete

✔️ 16 essential vitamins and minerals

✔️ Informed sport verified

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Limited edition, from £47.50

NUTRI-TEEN Plant 🌱 Shakes

Food powder designed for active children ages 4+ to replace difficult meal times.

✔️ Plant powered & dairy free

✔️ Sweetened with Stevia

✔️ Pea and brown rice isolate protein

✔️ Nutritionally complete

✔️ 16 essential vitamins and minerals

✔️ Informed sport checked

Shop NUTRI-TEEN Plant 🌱

Formulated and designed by

Nutritionists and dieticians

The solution for active kids skipping meals, fussy eating or gauging on junk/fast food.

Helping to support health, normal growth, development and performance.

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