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What are Youth Sport Nutrition products?

What are Youth Sport Nutrition products?

Youth Sport Nutrition (YSN) recently sold 1/2 million servings, but lots of people still have questions about the YSN range. 

  • What products do YSN sell? 
  • What do you use YSN products for?
  • Are YSN products for me? 

We're guessing if you're reading this article, then these questions are on your mind. In this short read, you'll learn everything about YSN products to help you make an informed decision about our innovate range of best selling products.

What are NUTRI-TEEN shakes?

NUTRI-TEEN is a complete meal in the form of a convenient powder that can be added to water, milk, or a plant-based milk alternative to create a super-tasty drink. You can also add in fruits, and veggies to create a thick indulgence tasty yet nutrient packed smoothie (see below for smoothie ideas). Available in a range of favours; Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake, and Vanilla Ice-cream. Suitable for all sports, sporting needs of teen youth athletes from 13 to 18 years old, see our age guide for more info.

Why are NUTRI-TEEN shakes different?

NUTRI-TEEN, unlike many other powdered nutrition on the market is the only one formulated specifically for youth athletes containing a blend of protein sources from whey (a milk protein) and a combination of plant-based proteins. This blend allows the youth athlete to get in an impressive 21grams of protein per serving. Furthermore, the protein blend contains, and all the essential amino acids required to fuel performance, aid recover and contribute to optimal health.

Each serving is enriched in branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) which are essential to aid recovery and muscle protection and development.

That is not all on the amino acid front!

NUTRI-TEEN is fortified in L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body that is mostly found in the muscle cells and fundamental for athletic performance. L-Glutamine not only aid muscle movement, powder, muscle development and strength it is also essential for keeping the digestive system healthy (it is even helps improve conditions such as Crohn’s disease), it aids the immune function and boosts brain health.

NUTRI-TEEN contains equal measures per serving (21gram) of wholegrain carbohydrates to ensure a sustainable delivery of energy, and only 2.4grams of naturally occurring sugar- impressive statistics!

The ratio of protein to carbohydrates creates the perfect environment to not only aid sports performance, but also aid recovery and enhance overall health.

Additionally, each serving provides 2.9grams fats, low in saturated fats (the fat which should be kept to a minimum) and high in omega3 and six fats which are often deficient in the daily diet, yet imperative for cellular and neurological health, aid inflammations and protect the heart of the body’s essential organs, in particularly the heart and brain.   

Furthermore, NUTRI-TEEN is suitable for vegetarians and those who require a gluten free diet, such as coeliacs.

Each serving is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, potassium and iron that are often lacking in sufficient intakes in youth (and adult) athletes. 

Why not just have a multivitamin? 

Nutrition research has traditionally focused on identifying the specific mechanisms how single nutrients such as vitamin supplements impact health. More recently, however, nutrition research has shifted its focus to examine and understand impact whole foods on health, including the recognition that foods have numerous nutritional attributes. This is also due to the fact we eat food with a mix of nutrients, and not just nutrients in isolation.

This is known as the ‘food matrix’ effect and recognises that the health effects of foods are much more complex than that of a single isolated chemical nutrient.

In the whole food shakes carefully formulated at YSN have embraced the synergy of the ingredients to create a mix of nutrients and bio-actives (naturally occurring ‘extra-nutrients ‘found in plants, and grains that induce positive health benefits and antioxidants effects) that positively affecting the overall nutritional and health properties of the whole food NUTRI-TEEN shakes.

For an overview of the function of vitamins and mineral there is a table below.

Function of the Vitamins & Minerals in NUTRI-TEEN shakes?




(Not including fortified foods)

Thiamine (B1)

Enables the body to use carbohydrates as energy. It is essential for glucose metabolism, and it plays a key role in nerve, muscle, and heart function. Vitamin B1 is a water-soluble vitamin

whole grains, legumes, yeast, white flour, nuts, oats, oilseeds, oranges, potatoes, cauliflower


Essential in glucose metabolism, free-radical neutralisation (antioxidant properties)

Eggs, beef, poultry, milk, mushrooms, oysters, spinach

Niacin (B3)

Helps to release energy from the food we eat, supports normal nervous system function, fights fatigue and also helps keep skin healthy. Niacin is a water-soluble vitamin.

Millet flour, white button mushrooms, portabella mushrooms, peanut butter, brown rice, and many veggies and fruits

Pantothenic acid (B5)

Helps produce energy by breaking down fats and carbohydrates. It also promotes healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver

Meats, vegetables, grains, legumes, eggs and dairy products


Benefits the central nervous system and metabolism. Its roles include turning food into energy and helping to create neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine.

Takes part in over one hundred enzyme reactions, which are mostly related to protein metabolism

Meat, fish, and potatoes

Folic acids (b9)

DNA replication, vitamin and amino acid metabolism, cell division, reduced risk of neural tube defects in pregnancy

Asparagus, avocados, beans and peas, green leafy greens, oranges, and orange juice


Antioxidant activity, enzyme activation, reduces oxidative stress, immune function

Citrus fruits, kiwi fruits, fruit juices, broccoli, sprouts, peppers, tomatoes.

Cobalamin (B12)

Cell metabolism, DNA synthesis, mitochondrial health, aids brain function

Dairy products, eggs, beef, pork, poultry, seafood

Vitamin D

Bone health, nerve function, muscle contraction, cellular function

Eggs, oily fish, fish oil, mushrooms, pork


Phosphorus is a component of bones, teeth, DNA, and RNA. In addition, phosphorus plays key roles in regulation of gene transcription, activation of enzymes, maintenance of normal pH in extracellular fluid, and intracellular energy storage,

Naturally found in protein-rich foods such as meats, poultry, fish, nuts, beans and dairy products


Bone formation and health, muscle contraction, nerve messenger

Dairy products, green vegetables


Cofactor for many enzyme reactions, metabolism, muscle and nerve function, protein synthesis, glycolysis

Avocado, beans, peas, dairy products, banana, raisins, nuts, pumpkin seeds, potatoes, whole grains


Formation of haem proteins required of oxygen transport to the red blood cells, flavoproteins, and enzymes activation

Beans, eggs, raisins, prunes, broccoli, spinach, collard greens, meats, nuts, poultry, seafood, seeds, soy


Muscle contraction, nutrient transport into cells, toxin clearance from cells

Beans, dairy products, banana, dried apricots, prunes, carrots, seafoods, tomato, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, spinach


Cell mediated immunity, bone formation, soft tissue growth, neurological function,

Beans, peas, beef, dairy products, nuts, poultry, shellfish, whole grains

Omega-3 fatty acids

Neurological development, cell integrity, anti-inflammatory, 

salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring and anchovies. Walnuts, pecans and hazelnuts


Digestive motility and regularity, weight management, increased satiety, gut health

Beans and pulses, bread, breakfast cereal, fruit, grains, nuts and seeds, rice and pasta, vegetables


In summary, NUTRI-TEEN shakes contain:

✔️  Added BCAAs in a 4:1:1 profile (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine)

✔️ Whey protein isolate

✔️ Added L Glutamine

✔️ 21g protein + carbs (1:1) / serving.

What can I mix my NUTRI-TEEN shake with?

NUTRI-TEEN shakes taste great with milk, milk alternatives, and water, but you can also make smoothies with the YSN food powder, for recipe ideas please check out the free YSN KITCHEN APP.

If you don't want to check out the app, here's some of our best tasting smoothies:

NUTRI-TEEN breakfast boost:

  • 1 banana - halved and a slice saved for decoration
  • 20g spinach
  • 30g porridge oats
  • 2 tsp honey
  • 150ml milk, water or plant-based milk alternative

NUTRI-TEEN green smoothie:

  • ½ avocado
  • 25g Spinach
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 tablespoons Lime Juice
  • ½ Cucumber
  • 150ml milk, water or plant-based milk alternative

NUTRI-TEEN frozen berry boost:

  • 1 Banana
  • 20g Strawberries
  • 20g Blueberries
  • 20g Raspberries
  • 150ml milk, water or plant-based milk alternative

NUTRI-TEEN banoffee smoothie:

  • 1 banana
  • 30g oats
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1tsp of peanut butter
  • 150ml milk, water or plant-based milk alternative

NUTRI-TEEN coffee shake: 

  • Protein Coffee - 1 tsp instant coffee or 1 espresso
  • ½ avocado
  • 150ml milk, water or plant-based milk alternative


  • 1 tsp coffee or 1 espresso
  • add 1x banana
  • 150ml Water or milk
  • 1 tsp drinking chocolate powder
  • 150ml milk, water or plant-based milk alternative

What sports supplements are designed for youth athletes?

Youth Sport Nutrition products comprise of whole food ingredients that have been carefully selected to aid young athlete’s needs, taste great and add convenience to a busy schedules. The powdered formulas enable quick solubility in water or milk, to form a delicious nutrient packed shake that your youth athlete can enjoyed pre or post exercise- helping aid recovery and increase energy.

Youth Sport Nutrition always recommend to opt for whole foods first as the rule. Supplements such as NUTRI-TEEN, and Oat energy bars are a nutritious way to top-up on high-quality nutrients to support parents of youth athletes faced with tight schedules. 

If you want any help with designing a food-first meal plan, you can speak to our nutrition team today.

Natalie Rouse

First-Class Honours degree in Human Nutrition (BSc Hons), Master of Research in Performance Nutrition and Socio-culture (MRES), Registered and accredited Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (ANutri), and Nutritional Consultant and Nutritional Research Scientist (RSci).  





[1] JournalofPharmacognosyandPhytochemistry-foodmatrix.pdf

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