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What is in NUTRI-TEEN Shakes for kids?
The benefits of NUTRI-TEEN Meal Shakes for Children
meal shakes for kids, trusted by parents

Over 1,000,000 Meals Served


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NUTRI-TEEN Shakes are a delicious, nutritionally rich food powder specifically developed for active children.

Each powdered milkshake is packed with all the necessary macronutrients, vitamins and minerals to support recovery, normal growth and development.

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No more skipping meals or junk foods

Nutritious foods are vital for a happy, healthy growing children, but we all lead increasingly busy lives. Parents need a tasty meal that is nutritionally rich and convenient. NUTRI-TEEN Powder is all this and much more.

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Meticulously taste tested and approved by kids


Carbs, healthy fats, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals

Supporting active children who:

▪️ Struggle with fatigue and energy

▪️ Are fussy, picky or selective eaters

▪️ Need to increase their key nutrient intake

▪️ Need to strengthen their immune system

▪️ Have a tendency to skip meals

▪️ Need additional support to aid normal growth and development

Trusted by parents worldwide

Over 1 Million servings sold

Key benefits:

Normal Growth

Supporting normal growth and development for Children

Brain Power

Supporting normal cognitive development for children

Super Immunity

Contributes to the normal immune system function

Combat Fatigue

Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

What's in NUTRI-TEEN Powder?

The key ingredients of NUTRI-TEEN Shakes

Nutritional Information

A complete solution to difficult meal times and fussy eaters.

Kids NUTRI-TEEN Shakes

Your childrens daily source of nutrition to support recovery, normal growth and reduce tiredness.

✔️ Increase your child's energy levels & fight fatigue

✔️ Boosts their immune health 

✔️ Supports recovery after intense exercise 

✔️ Help avoid fussy eating or skipping meals

Registered Dietitian review

by Registered Nutritionist Ryanne Hill MSc.

A balance of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals to give young bodies all they need to thrive.

A 199kcal meal of NUTRI-TEEN Powder contains a balanced macro split of 40:40:13:7 (carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre) and 16 essential vitamins and minerals needed to support normal development and recovery.

Sustainable ingredients. Oats, peas, coconut, flaxseed and more.

All the flavours in NUTRI-TEEN Powder come from 100% natural sources, and they taste better than ever. We also tweaked the main ingredients to give you a smoother, easier to mix shake.

Of course, nutrition always comes first, so you won’t be compromising on that. NUTRI-TEEN Powder is still 100% vegetarian, low-sugar (under 2%), and low in salt.

Prescribed by industry professionals

Approved by registered dietitians, GP's & nutritionists:

“Good nutrition after training is vital to performance, recovery & health. As a nutritionist, real food is first choice. But when that isn’t possible, I can be confident that players are refuelling their bodies right with a NUTRI-TEEN shake.

It’s simply powdered food with added vitamins & minerals, meaning they’re getting exactly what they need in a quick & convenient way to avoid underfuelling.

Olivia Patel

"Do you need quick, nutritious options for those crazy busy days? Ever wonder if powdered food is ok for your teen?

This shake can be a perfect option to fill in the nutrition gaps on a hectic day. It’s formulated for teens (protein, carbs, fat, omega 3s, vitamins, minerals), 3rd party tested-which means it’s safe and doesn’t contain any banned substances. Oh, and it’s delicious!"

Swim Coach Marli

"I get lots of questions from parents about what products are safe and best for their families.

For all those parents out there that aren't sure what to buy, this is going to be a good one.

I try to find brands that I think taste good, are supported by science and of course, 3rd party tested!"

Rachel Pfister

Parents, any questions we haven't answered?

What makes NUTRI-TEEN Shakes different?

Active children may balance frequent, intense participation in sport along with transitioning through rapid periods of growth. If they are selective eaters, or skip meals, this places them at a greater risk of nutritional deficiencies.

NUTRI-TEEN was developed by evaluating their most common nutritional deficiencies and the heightened need for specific nutrients important for growth and development.

These include calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 plus a lot more, which you can learn about here.

What age can my child use these from?

The following will give you a guide as to how much NUTRI-TEEN Powder your active chilr may include as part of a varied diet, whilst encouraging them to eat good wholesome foods every day.

If your child has health issues, we recommend you consult your doctor or relevant clinical professional before allowing them to consume NUTRI-TEEN.

Please note the below values are present as guidelines only, and that is important that youth athletes do not exceed the stated daily recommended amounts:


Children Under 4: NUTRI-TEEN is not suitable for babies or infants below or during weaning age. Parents of children under 4 years old should consult their doctor or relevant health care professional before allowing their child to consume PRO-TEEN.

4- to 6-Year-Olds: We always advocate a food first approach for younger participants. The aim here being to set nutritional foundations for life, but we understand selective eating can sometime be an issue. If necessary, Children of 4 to 6 years of age may include up to ¼ of a scoop (about 12.5g) NUTRI-TEEN per day. This is around one quarter of their daily nutrient requirements and can be a great recovery snack to ensure your child is getting a range of vitamins and minerals in after sport. Always consult a qualified medical practitioner first if you are unsure about introducing NUTRI-TEEN into their diet.

7- to 10-Year-Olds: 7- to 10-year-olds can enjoy ½ a scoop (about 25g) of NUTRI-TEEN per day, which would help them meet their daily nutrition needs to counter selective eating habits. NUTRI-TEEN is ideal for fussy kids who won’t eat enough fruit and veg to support high levels of participation in sport. Again, athletes within this age group should be encouraged to meet their daily recommended intake via whole foods first.

11- to 13-Year-Olds: Young adolescents can include around ¾ of 1 scoop (about 37.5g) of NUTRI-TEEN a day. At this growth spurt age, energy requirements are high, especially in active athletic kids; NUTRI-TEEN provides a good contribution of protein, energy and vitamins for this age group.

13- to 18+-Year-Olds: Older adolescents have, in most cases, nutritional requirements greater than those of adults due to the fact that they’re growing, they’re often as physically active as professional athletes and have to balance this against studying at school or college. This age group can enjoy 1 full scoop of NUTRI-TEEN (50g) freely as part of a balanced, varied diet after intense sport or on low activity days.

You can find our detailed age guide in this article

Why choose NUTRI-TEEN Shakes?

NUTRI-TEEN was developed to ensure that the heightened and unique nutritional needs of a youth athlete that can’t be catered for from a regular healthy diet, can be provided in both a convenient, delicious and efficient manner after sport.

Each super-tasty shake is packed with specially selected vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein and healthy fats - the ideal alternative to skipping meals or eating junk/fast food.

Do they promote weight loss or gain?

NUTRI-TEEN Shakes are a food powder with added nutrients to support normal growth, immunity, general health and wellbeing for active children and youth athletes.

Although not designed as a weight loss tool, NUTRI-TEEN Shakes are calorie controlled shakes that can double up as a meal replacements that may support weight loss, but that is not the main intention of the range.

If anything, they exist to help active children meet their daily nutritional intake to support heightened activity levels or to counteract selective / fussy eating which can leave them undernourished.

As a rule, we don't like to overemphasize the impact of shakes on body composition for active children, as the large contributing factors are their overall diet and lifestyle, coupled with normal phases of growth and development.

When should my child drink their NUTRI-TEEN Shake?

To reap the benefits of NUTRI-TEEN powder, we recommend consuming within 30-60 minutes post-play with water or milk whenever whole foods aren't available.

Due to its rich nutritional content, NUTRI-TEEN Shakes can also double up as a meal replacement for times where meals aren't an option on low activity days.

How do I use NUTRI-TEEN Shakes?

They're super quick and easy to use.

Simply mix one scoop with milk or water in the free shaker provided (first time orders only), shake it up and watch your kids devour it! Make sure the liquid goes into your shaker before the powder.

Pro tip: You can also use NUTRI-TEEN Powder with smoothies, porridges, greek yoghurts and pancakes for breakfast for an added protein, omega 3/6, vitamin and mineral boost.. Yum!

Are they Informed Sport Tested?

Yes, each and every pouch is Informed Sport approved and screened for WADA prohibited contaminants so you can have full drug free assurance.

Are the shakes grainy or smooth?

Because our powder range is ulta fine, it should be a silky smooth texture when mixed properly 🙂

All first orders come complete with a free shaker. The shaker contains a detachable grid which acts as a sieve, and you can also add in a mixer ball which blitzes any lumps.

We have a lot of kids with braces using the range, so having a grainy texture wasn't an option for us.

'Added peace of mind'

Help cater for difficult mealtimes and busy schedules. Here's what parents say.

"We have a 15 and 12 year old that play club football, swim and run cross country so they are always on the go and often have late evening training. NUTRI-TEEN Shakes make it easy for us to get them some nutrition without having to do fast food drive through at 9PM. Plus they think it's like having a milkshake."

Chance Regina
Father of two active children

"My son swims 10+ hours week for 2+ hour sessions each. NUTRI-TEEN has been so beneficial for him as not only is it safe for a young teenager, it’s packed with all the nutrients to help post recovery from training".

Joanne Shearer

"What a difference NUTRI-TEEN has made to my 16y/o daughter! Highly recommend it as a parent. It really helps knowing she is getting the right nutrients after Team GB multi-sport training".

Dave Walker
Watford FC Academy Youth Sport Nutrition Nutrition Supplier and Official partner

Refuelling elite squads

YSN x Watford FC Academy

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