PRO-TEEN is a nutritionally complete recovery meal in powdered form. It is specifically developed for active youths with selective diets. Just mix it with milk or water in the free shaker provided & you’re good to go!

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Fussy eaters? We’re so certain they’ll love PRO-TEEN that we offer a full refund or replacement offer for all first orders.

PRO-TEEN is the first food supplement specifically designed for youth athletes with selective diets, offering a variety of health benefits. Each shake contains a specific blend of nutrients including protein, fats, carbs and 16 essential micronutrients tailored to the unique requirements of a youth athlete. It is designed as a recovery drink or meal replacement for athletes to enjoy after intense exercise when good quality whole foods aren’t available.

Youth athletes are at a greater risk of nutritional deficiencies than the normal population, due to their training loads, busy schedules and rapid periods of growth. PRO-TEEN was developed by evaluating these common nutritional deficiencies and the heightened need for specific nutrients important for growth and development. These include calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 plus a lot more, which you can learn about here.

The elevated nutritional needs of active youths coupled with selective eating habits or lack of time, make it vitally important for an athletes diet to support normal growth, health and development in combination with participation in high-level sport. Our main objective in developing PRO-TEEN is to promote maximum performance and longevity in sport, in order to help youth athletes succeed at every level.

Below is the nutritional information and full ingredient list for each flavour:

Milk Chocolate flavour PRO-TEEN®

Strawberry flavour PRO-TEEN®

Vanilla flavour PRO-TEEN®

Full List of Ingredients PDF

PRO-TEEN powder is:

✓ Gluten free

✓ Vegetarian

✓ Nut free

✓ GMO free

✓ Halal

✓ Hormone free

If you are a parent of a youth athlete who struggles with getting the right foods in, participates in frequent intense exercise and are looking for an ‘all-in-one’ recovery product, then PRO-TEEN may be the textbook choice.

PRO-TEEN is tailor made to help young athletes meet their individual daily macro and micronutrient requirements for the day, where selective eating or busy schedules/traveling may otherwise compromise ability to do so.


Please read our nutrition guide for details on age groups.


To reap the benefits of PRO-TEEN powder, we recommend consuming within 30-60 minutes post-exercise with water or milk whenever whole foods aren't available. PRO-TEEN® can also double up as a meal replacement for times where meals aren't an option on rest/recovery days.


Add 1 relative level scoop (upto 50g) to 500ml of ice cold water or milk in the free YSN Zen Shaker provided with your first order. Consume within 30-60 minutes post-exercise. 

Alternatively, consume in the mornings with smoothies, porridges, Greek yoghurts, pancakes or on its own on low activity / rest days.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This product is intended to be used alongside an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. Suitable for vegetarians.

Typical Serving Size - 1 level scoop (50g). Note: 50g serving scoop is provided but may settle toward the bottom of pouch during transit.

Servings Per Pouch - 20 (1KG), 10 (500g).

Please note - If you are unsure as to whether or not your athlete requires PRO-TEEN, then we recommend consulting a qualified health practitioner first. YSN have taken every care to ensure our range is suitable for consumption, and take no responsibility for incorrect or over-usage. The labelling on PRO-TEEN is provided in English as a minimum

Need more information? Please visit our Help Centre where we answer our most common questions from parents!

Why choose pro-teen?

To succeed at the top level, youth athletes need to work hard and eat smart. When factoring in long commutes to school/college, early morning training or late evening finishes, time pressures on parents to provide the correct meals can be difficult. Selective eating, busy schedules or long commutes sometimes get in the way.

PRO-TEEN was developed to ensure that the heightened and unique nutritional needs of a youth athlete that can’t be catered for from a regular healthy diet, can be provided in both a convenient, delicious and efficient manner after sport.

Each super-tasty shake is packed with specially selected vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein and healthy fats - the ideal alternative to skipping meals or eating junk/fast food.



"My son swims 10+ hours week for 2+ hour sessions each. PRO-TEEN has been so beneficial for him as not only is it safe for a young teenager, it’s packed with all the nutrients to help post recovery from training".

Joanne Shearer, Swim Mum

"What a difference PRO-TEEN has made to my 16y/o daughter! Highly recommend it as a parent. It really helps knowing she is getting the right nutrients after Team GB multi-sport training".

Dave Walker, Gymnastics Dad


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danielrcameron Recovery nutrition made easy! Walk off the pitch, grab shaker, add a scoop or PRO-TEEN, water/milk and shake it up. The best tasting recovery nutrition for youth athletes in the world!


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