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Our Story


Youth Sport Nutrition is on a mission to eliminate youth athlete undernourishment.



Inspired by the dedicated parents, hardworking coaches and thousands of youth athletes we've met on the journey. Founded by a frustrated Sports Scientist, and his ever-growing team.






Youth Sport Nutrition believe in a food first approach, but we understand that it is not always possible because of four main barriers:


Education - lack of knowledge on why, what and when to eat.


Taste - young people can be very fussy eaters.


Time - as a parent there is no goal nobler than helping your child chase their dream, but bills still need to be paid, and time is always running away.


Money - eating the right food all the time can be expensive, especially if you find one or all of the above a struggle.




PRO-TEEN® was developed as an alternative to mass-market supplements, specially designed to meet the unique and advanced nutritional demands and values of younger athletes competing in sport, whether they are world class, or aspiring to achieve more at their respective level.

Rated 5 stars (read reviews) PRO-TEEN® is something we're incredibly proud of, because it is making such a difference to our Refuellers.

YSN Kitchen App, was created by our in-house nutritionist Emmy. All recipes are designed specifically for youth athletes, taking into consideration their selective eating habits. Designed to be prepared quickly for convenience.

All meals can be made for under £5, proving you don’t have to spend a fortune to refuel right. It’s free and you can download from the App Store or Google Play now. 

Educational Articles enable our refuellers to learn more about youth athletes nutritional and lifestyle requirements and how to meet them. It’s the final piece to our puzzle, enabling parents, coaches and athletes to learn all about nutrition in an easy-to-read format.





Clinical Research and Product Development – we've invested into new clinical trials this winter, in partnership with Newcastle University.






Convenience - life can be hectic as a rising sports star, or being the parent of one. PRO-TEEN® can be made in under 20 seconds and all our YSN Kitchen App recipes aim for a preparation time of under 5 minutes.


Free Education - we believe that people need educated on the importance of nutrition from a young age. That's why we release 4 free Articles per month and offer the App for free.


Affordability – no youth athlete should be undernourished or nutritionally disadvantaged due to socio-economic reasons, which is why our App & Articles are free and PRO-TEEN® costs less than £1.99 per drink. 


Highest Standard The Youth Sport Nutrition manufacturing site is held in the highest regard and meets ISO 22000, ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP Standards. Every batch is approved by Informed Sport® to ensure the products do not contain any prohibited substances. You’ll find a number on the back of every packet so you can check this yourself for maximum reassurance.


No Food Waste – you’ll only use the PRO-TEEN® you need, and with a shelf life of 12 months there’s a good chance you won’t be throwing any out.  


Environmentally Friendly PRO-TEEN®is manufactured in the UK, posted in cardboard & wrapped in recycled bubble wrap.








We believe in community, that nothing great is ever achieved alone.


The Refuellers is a place to share information with other parents and athletes, to question, learn, challenge and grow.





Sponsored Athletes make us believe anything is possible. Their commitment and determination to chase a dream is what inspired.



Future Athletes are a larger group of high-level youth athletes, who consistently display the brand values we have worked so hard to create. They are all hard working, inspiring, committed and positive youth athletes who want to push themselves to the next level.






We love hearing your ideas because we would not be here without you. Please reach out with any suggestions, feedback and questions.

Adam, Customer Service Executive


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