50 Workshops: 2,000+ Participants in 34 Sports Clubs
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50 Workshops: 2,000+ Participants in 34 Sports Clubs

Education is a founding principle, underpinning the very core of Youth Sports Nutrition (YSN). We’ve been fully committed to educating young athletes, active kids, parents, coaches, and anyone who will listen on the importance of nutrition since launch in 2016.

From the very start, we’ve travelled the UK, delivering educational sessions to sports organisations, colleges, and community foundations around the UK. We’ve coached in world class facilities to shipping containers at the side of grassroots pitches. It’s been a real journey, with some incredible highs and desperate lows. Delivering sessions to future Olympians and professional footballers, to breaking down or being stuck in traffic for endless hours hundreds of miles from home.

As former sports coaches we knew this was a worthy mission. Nutrition is most often overlooked, even in the most established programmes. We set out to change this, confident that there was nothing more important to an athlete’s development than building healthy eating habits young.

Our mission hasn’t changed, but our methods of delivery have.

youth sport nutrition club partners

We started our journey with educational blogs and small stands at local sporting events. Speaking to parents and athletes one on one. We then developed the free YSN Kitchen App providing healthy recipes and food ideas as well as a one stop shop for all our articles and blogs.

However, the best way we have found to ensure our message is heard has been to deliver educational workshops. Unfortunately, this came to an end in March 2020. Lockdown put our events on hold… for a short time at least.

Understanding the importance of nutrition, we didn’t want to let something like a global pandemic prevent us from continuing our mission. Practice and competitions may have been put on pause, but life didn’t stop. The need for correct nutrition was just as important if not more so, especially at a period where we were all isolated from each other. From HITT sessions in the living room to putting in the miles around the local park, keeping active was a way to stay both mentally and physically healthy.

As the way you trained changed, the way we delivered our workshops changed. Visiting in person was no longer an option so we moved our workshops online. We continued to deliver and support young athletes through online sessions. Although nothing beats meeting young athletes in person, online workshops were a way for us to stay connected and stay safe. 

As it currently stands, we have delivered 50 workshops to 34 clubs across multiple sports, not counting schools, colleges, academies, and charity foundations. We have covered everything from the foundations of nutrition and healthy eating for the family, right through to competition prep and match day fuelling strategies. Athletes from 6-18 have participated and learned what to eat and when to eat it as well as learning about the nutritional principles for a lifetime of healthy eating.

With that, YSN would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has participated in our workshops so far, you have all been great. We would also like to say a very special thank you to all the clubs and organisations that have partnered with us over the years. We look forward to continuing our work together and delivering many more workshops in the future. 

If you are reading this, and we are not currently partners. Please email ben@youthsportnutrition.com and we will find a way to help you.

If you are a parent, coach or athlete would like your club / organisation to benefit from our educational workshops or support through our bespoke partnership packages please get in touch. The feedback we have received speaks for itself:

"The workshop was well present and very informative we have had positive feedback from Parents and all swimmers seem to realise that they need to take more ownership and planning of their meals, to gain their optimum performance. Emmy was great at answering the questions asked and was well educated on the topics. A great success!" - Review from Deanne Ward-Hopkins, Head Coach at City of Leeds Synchronised Swimming Club
"Emmy and youth sports nutrition put on a very informative nutrition talk. The swimmers and parents from Killerwhales swimming club  both gained valuable knowledge and i would highly recommend them."- Review from Darren, Head Coach at Killerwhales Swim Club
"This was one of the most clear, concise and easy to understand workshops on nutrition I’ve heard. All my athletes came away super engaged and with an understanding of exactly what they needed to do to be at their optimum."- Review from Dave Champion, Head Coach at Team Ipswich


Spread the word. We have only just begun. 

youth sport nutrition club partners

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