March 27, 2019 2 min read

As you may know,our mission goes way beyond just designing and producingPRO-TEEN®.

As a major advocate of a food-first strategy, we believe that families require pathways in education that help support day-to-day lifestyle, assisting parents and youth athletes to make better, more informed food choices.

The team at YSN are working day and night to develop resources to support our valued customers.

Our team has grown from two founders, to a team of five members now - each with their own invaluable skill-sets who firmly believe in supporting the cause. None of our team work 9-5. Instead, they opt to sacrifice exceptionally long days and weekends necessary to support a start-up, contributing to building a brand that impacts change on a mass scale. Lets find out who's who:

Emmy Campbell (BSc. sport nutrition and registered sports nutritionist, soon to be MSc.) - Our in-house performance nutritionist. Some of you may already have met Emmy, as she heads up our workshop offering to professional clubs and academies.

Adam Hinchliffe BSc.- Our resident customer service wizard from dawn to dusk. Adam understands that youth sport isn't a 9-5 Monday to Friday job. There isn't a day that goes by where Adam wont be speaking to parents, athletes or coaches.

Some of you may have e-met Adam via our customer support channels via email, Facebook chat and social media already. He's always manning the station via

Michael Lowdon BA - Our newest recruit, responsible for digital marketing and customer experience. Michael is working part time for YSN to hone his skills, whilst he continues his full-time work with the NHS. 

Ben Jefferson BSc. MSc. (Myself) - Co-founder and project manager. I'm the one responsible for producing customer communications (like this one), and overseeing professional club partnerships from elite level all the way down to grassroots. My aim is to understand what problems teams are facing that prevent clubs from implementing the best nutritional strategies.

I'm currently working with30+ club partners across all walks of sport, and working on releasing a new, improved programme kicking off in August this year. If you'd like to find out more for your team, I'm on hand to speak to via

Lou Antonio, BSc. 
 - CEO and founder of YSN. Lou is currently working with Newcastle University to better understand how we can improve our product range to best serve every athlete and parent. New clinical trials begin later on in 2019, and these results will be published for all to see.

Lou is also working on our YSN kitchen App, re-brand strategy and new organisational structure, all of which aim to offer customers, new and current alike, better value and experiences. You'll be able to see this work first hand over the coming few months as we lead into summer. 


So there you have it - thats the story so far! Two years since our official launch, and we are all eternally grateful to have you with us on the journey. 

Thank you for being part of the YSN community. We're always available to answer all of your questions via Facebook, or email - so if you ever need to get in contact or provide us with feedback, please do!

Wishing parents and youth athletes alike the best for the spring season ahead.



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