March 21, 2019 2 min read

Introducing youth sprinter Harrison Joynson, who recently won the North of England 60m, u13s. Harrison is our first successful Futures Athlete to attain full sponsorship. 

YSN caught up with Harrison (HJ) track side, to dig into the tactics, techniques and mindset of a very successful youth athlete. Hopefully, he will inspire many other young athletes to pursue their dreams of rising to the top.


YSN: When did you first hear of Youth Sport Nutrition?

HJ: I first heard of YSN on Instagram, through Romell Glave.  

YSN: How did you get into your first sport, and how old were you?

HJ: Through my local athletics club, I was 10 years old.

YSN: Any tips for balancing training, academic studies, competitions/games and a social life?
HJ: Always leave time to rest and recover. Spend time with friends, but when it's training time - focus and work hard!

YSN: Let downs and injuries can be part of being a professional athlete, how do you stay motivated when these things happen?

HJ: I keep myself motivated, and exercise the parts of my body that are not injured. 

YSN: What would you say to other youth athletes that are battling with injuries or let downs?

HJ: Always set your end target, and play the long game.

YSN: What is your favourite quote?

HJ: "Run your own race" - simple but it's vital to a sprinter.

YSN: As a very successful youth athlete, how often do you train, and how has this changed depending on your sport?

HJ: I train for my sport 4 times a week, but I train my core strength everyday - this has been something new I've added over the past year.

YSN: How do you stay healthy? 
HJ: I always drink plenty of water, and Salmon is my favourite food.
YSN: What does it feel like to win competitions? 
HJ: I'm always incredibly nervous before an event, but when I win it's a mixture of elation and relief.  

YSN: How do you cater for your sports nutrition? 

HJ: I use PRO-TEEN® after a workout or session.

YSN: What are your future aspirations?
HJ: My first is to earn the GB vest, then I want to compete at a major international tournament like the Olympics.
YSN: What advice would you offer to Parents of youth athletes regarding their training, the pressure to perform (academic and sporting) and catering for nutrition? 
HJ: Education should be the first priority, your sport should be a release from this. They should always encourage and be supportive.

Thanks Harrison! We'll be cheering you on. 



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